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Nutrition Supplement Recommendations

As  we get older, our metabolism changes.  Often, the way we metabolize hormones changes also.  For instance, as we get older, we start making more estrone, thus changing our estradiol to estrone ratio.  It is postulated that this change in hormone patterns is what leads to mutagenic changes. Mutagenic changes are changes in DNA and when this occurs it is thought to predispose us  to cancer. The liver is a major detoxification organ.  It metabolizes hormones for excretion via the intestinal tract.   Nutritional supplements can be utilized to help optimize this process *, and keep the good metabolic pathways open.  

Number one question: Do I  take all these?  You bet.  

1-DIM/I3C-aids   in shunting estrogen metabolism down the good pathway. If you are on stomach acid producers use DIM, if not, then use I3C (Indole-3-Carbinol). 

2-Prostate Formula 

3-Flax Oil and/or Borage Oil aids in decreasing endothelial lining of  arteries, and decreasing triglycerides.

4-DHEA-Women 10-30mg a day, men 25-100mg a day. Consult your physician before  starting. 

5-Zinc 15 mg per day, 3 days a week.  For men on testosterone therapy,  15mg twice a day to help block conversion of testosterone to estrogen.  Make sure you take a Zinc supplement that has some copper in the formula. 

6-Vitamin D3-Only under the direction of a physician after your levels are tested. After initial levels are tested, if you are deficient,  you should take 2000 units of Vitamin D3 a day

7-Iodoral  ®-Only after Iodine testing done with test kit found at.  Utilize at lowest possible dose, approx 12.5mg per day.  Take only 4 days a week.  Studies on Japanese women in Japan lead to a finding that shows  much lower incidence of breast cancer than their American counterparts.  Research pointed to a form of iodine they  were getting in their diet from seaweed.  Move these women to the USA, and their breast cancer incidence parallels that of American women.  Iodoral is the beneficial usable form of iodine. Iodized salt doesn't do the job.  Info on iodine deficiency can be seen at http://www.helpmythyroid.com/iodine.htm  .  I recommend purchasing Iodoral from Vitamin Research  Products.  The link is at bottom of this page

8-Calcium  D-Glucarate 200mg twice a day-Helps the body rid itself of estrogen  breakdown metabolites. 

9-Trimethylglycine (TMG or Betaine)-Helps the body rid itself of estrogen breakdown metabolites. Also helps lower dangerous homocysteine levels.

10-Vitamin  B50-B vitamins are utilized in over 200 metabolic processes.  If you are taking stomach acid reducers, you especially need to be on this, because decreased stomach acid decreases the                 availability of B vitamins to the intestines.

11-Folic Acid  800mcg per day--thought to protect against colon cancer *. Also has been shown to help lower blood pressure in women. 

12-Acetyl-L-Carnitine 300 mg-Helps maintain youthful memory and cognitive tasking. 

13-Pregnenolone 10mg sublingual a day.

14-Vitamin E 400U a day. If you take it only buy the Gamma version 

 Pregnancy or nursing mothers, or children should only take supplements under the direction of their OB/GYN or Pediatrician. Additionally, if you have iodine allergies, do not take Iodoral. weight loss federal way family practice physician

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