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Family Medicine Federal Way Auburn

Primary Care Family Doctor for patients 12 years and older.                                                 Annual Physicals, Sports Physicals, Pre-Op Physicals 

Telemedicine Available

Urgent Care Federal Way Auburn

We have a same day policy.  We only ask that you call first thing in the morning (about 9 am)     and we will get you scheduled same day Monday thru Friday.  I have extensive ER and Urgent Care experience. 

Primary Care Dermatology

I have extensive experience in primary care dermatological conditions.  I can perform diagnostic biopsies for those needing answers right away.  Having suffered from acne until age 27, I am also well versed in acne treatment.  Combined with our Medical Spa Estheticians we can formulate a custom acne control program for you to minimize the emotional frustration that acne can cause. federal way family practice physician primary care doctor federal way doctor

Suboxone Federal Way Tacoma Puyallup

I took government sanctioned training to prescribe Buprenorphine MAT in 2007.   I have helped many patients navigate the recovery from opioid addiction to oxycodone and heroin.  I provide Suboxone treatment program to patients from Seattle-Tacoma-Olympia 

L & I Work Injuries

I worked 8 years for a local Occupation Medicine provider.  At one point I was the 3rd busiest solo  L & I provider in the State of Washington. 

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

I have been actively involved in the evaluation and treatment of Testosterone Deficiency.  I utilize customized treatment regimens, and have been providing testosterone pellet therapy since 2007.  


Family Practice Physician Primary Care Doctor

MVA injuries can be life changing. Receiving appropriate care coordination and diagnostic evaluations is imperative.  Sometimes what seems to be an innocuous fender bender can result in chronic conditions that show up months later. Finding a physician that understands crash dynamics as it relates to musculo-skeletal structure and function is important.  Understanding both the physiological and psychological healing processes is important to the recovery process. 

MVA Injury Doctor serving patients from Auburn Federal Way Puyallup Tacoma Kent Renton Des Moines Covington and Maple Valley. 

Low Dose Naltrexone aka LDN

Low Dose Naltrexone is utilized by patients as an alternative therapy to help those with autoimmune conditions, chronic pain, and fibromyalgia

Hormone Replacement Therapy aka HRT

Whether it is hot flashes, low sex drive, or chronic post menopausal insomnia, sometimes HRT can help minimize or alleviate the changes that occur with loss of hormones related to aging or surgery.  Hormone Pellets Seattle Tacoma

Hormone Pellet Therapy

Dr. Fox has been providing hormone pellet replacement since 2007.  He is well versed at evaluation and customization of hormone pellet implants for men and women. 

Testosterone Pellets Seattle Tacoma

Adult ADD

Adult ADD effects about 10 % of the general population.  Having impact on work and home, relationships often suffer the consequences of ADD.  Proper testing and appropriate treatment can help